Project: Hummer Replica Build

New Stuff is Sketchy

Google SketchUp is awesome! I’ve been using Google SketchUp version 7 Pro, and it’s just plain awesome! I use it for architectural rendering, fabrication and engineering planning, landscaping, hobbies, and even to build virtual studio sets for use in green

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Surplus Windshield

I’ve been making some progress on getting the build officially started. Though, it has been mostly behind the scenes type work. After getting the plans, build manuals, and build license from Rocky Mountain Coachworks, I acquired some materials from Pacific

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It’s Official!

I’ve finally made up my mind what I’ll be building. Duh! You might say. I’m building a Hummer replica. Well, yes, but for the longest time I hadn’t figured out if I was going to go it alone with no

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Hood Design or Hummer Meets Tumbler

With fall in full force and winter coming soon, my attention is turning again to “Things I can actually do in the shop.” I might be able to get some steel in this fall/winter and get started on a table

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Lull in the Project

Retooling, rethinking, but mostly replanning. As I consider the upcoming work that needs to be done, I have encountered a couple dilemmas. Here’s dilemma #1: I have 6 large people in my family… even my youngest are tall for their

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Boyz in the Hood II

I started out today with a workspace problem. My shop was a mess. It took me nearly an hour to clean up assorted lawn tools, spilled potting soil, hanging baskets, etc. before I could even set up anything to build

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Boyz in the Hood

Well, as we all know, Idaho doesn’t exactly get very warm. We lost all of our snow two days before spring, but it snowed again two days after the Vernal Equinox. So I’m not ready to pull the chassis out

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Nothing Says I Love You like…

My sweetheart was Ok with me taking her out twice in the previous week. We danced, we dined, we left the kids at home. So when I said, “Honey, do you mind if I want to spend some time in

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Feb 05, 2009: Some Clean-up

I found this on the back of the frame. I removed it, I might use it on my Hummer The rest of the truck is still pretty dirty.

Jan 22, 2009: Last Body Mounts

I got the last two body mounts off, removed the steering column, brake master cylinder, etc. Then, once I removed the parking brake cable, I got the firewall off.

Christmas ’08

I made some really good progress on Christmas. Thanks to my wife and I deciding it would be better to let the kids open their presents the night before. She ended up feeling sick on Christmas, the kids were playing…

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Dec 16, 2008: Big delay I know, but it was needed

The delay was caused by life. Things happen, but I finally got myself a good reciprocating saw to cut the body with. If you look closely, you can see the line cut across the roof: Action shot: cutting the pillars

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Day 16: No Doors

The kids were happy to see the doors off. “It looks like a Hummer now!” they said. He hopes I get it done before he’s old enough to drive. So do I! “I want a pink one!”

Day 4: We got the nose off

Here’s a shot with the hood missing. One thing to mention in retrospect, we had only sockets and wrenches and a Black and Decker Drill for most of the body removal. Here’s the mess that the Turbo Hydromatic left behind.

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The Missing Parts

Here’s the reason the truck only cost me $50. As you can see there’s no engine in her, and the tranny (well, you can’t see) is sitting just above us in the bed of the Suburban.

Watch me build a Hummer

It started as a 1984 Chevy Suburban…It will end as a Hummer replica.

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